IntegrAM catalogue updates
Ultrasonic cleaning and electropolishing systems

We are pleased to announce that the IntegrAM catalog expands, adding two new product lines to the current lineup: the Ecosonic systems and the E-lyte range.

integram elyte ecosonic header

ECOSONIC: Multifunction ultrasonic cleaner

The ECOSONIC systems have been developed to perform automatic ultrasonic cleaning, for parts washing, rinsing and drying, and with a competitive price point.

Manufactured by IntegrAM‘s founding member Rollwasch, the system is the result of the combination of traditional ultrasonic techniques, vibrofinishing with custom elastic media, and advanced thermally-controlled management of the complete process to deliver perfect wash + rinse + dry results, with the highest level of automation.

Ecosonic, in detail

  • A circular vibro-finishing tank driven by a 1500 RPM motor forces the parts that have to be washed to follow a three-dimensional rotation and motion, supported by special vectorial «media» called QF, with elastic and damping action.
  • A titanium sonotrode produces an ultrasonic 20 Khz frequency that generates cavitation allowing deep cleaning of the parts.
  • A carefully developed hydraulic system allows process liquids to perform separate and thermo-controlled washing and rinsing cycle stages, while a hot air insufflation system performs the drying stage of the washed parts.

E-LYTE: Electrochemical surface finishing systems

The E-lyte systems bring high-end electro-finishing to the additive manufacturing world, with different levels of automation, and with a ROI hard to beat.

IntegrAM, in collaboration with with Delmet Srl – a company specialized in electro-chemical technologies since 1949 – introduces two distinct systems for electrochemical polishing of austenitic steel and derivates.

e lyte elpocube lp

The TGL Elpocube, a fully automated system, driven by a carefully designed software, ideal high-productivity environments.

e lyte lab lp

The E-lyte Lab: a compact, manual system capable to deliver fantastic results thanks to the perfect combination of hardware and specially developed electrolytes.