3D printing can bring a lot to your business.

Nevertheless, transitioning from traditional to additive manufacturing can be challenging, and not only from an application engineering perspective.

The renowned benefits that A.M. can bring to your company are product improvements, shorter time to market, and sustainability, but it is important to remember that not every technology will suit your needs. The most expensive solution isn’t always the ideal and safe choice.

This is why defining technical and financial goals is the key to determining if you are on the right path or if you need to steer in a different direction.

The checklist of topics that need to be carefully evaluated before doing the first step can be extensive, but the following is a good summary of the main points:

  •  Understanding the AM workflow
  •  Productivity targets
  •  In-house or not?
  •  Identifying the technology and personnel needed
  •  Finding the best fitting materials
  •  Defining the appropriate post-processing tools
  •  Choosing the right software

We can make your business truly benefit from 3D printing. Want to know more?

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